Rob Stuart, 60+

Rob Stuart for Serucell Societe

How he’d describe his look

“Aging rockstar”

What he likes about aging

“Increased confidence” 

What has surprised him about aging

“My father was right. He and my mother used to have dinner parties when I was a kid, and all they talked about was politics and their aches and pains. I thought, ‘I’ll never be like that. But now that I’m an adult, that’s all I talk about too.”

What’s not so great about aging

“I don’t have as much energy as I used to. I used to be able to go from job to job to job. But now I need a 4 pm nap. My clients know not to call me between 4 pm and 6 pm.”

Who he thinks is aging well

“My friend and client Lisa. She has some of the same qualities I see in myself, like lots of confidence and a bit of an ‘I don’t give a sh*t’ personality. You can still upset me, it’s just harder to do it now.” 

What he does for his skin at home

“To be honest, I don’t wash my face every day, though I do shower, so maybe that counts. And I use Serucell. Other than that, I don’t do much. I never smoked, barely did drugs and I drink very little. Maybe a shot of bourbon before bed. Plus, I have a husband and a dog that are nice to me, and I think happiness contributes to aging well.”

What he’s had a doctor do

“I do see a dermatologist, but generally only if I have to, like my annual skin check. I also do get fillers, which I love. I get a little in my cheeks to counteract hollowing out. But we never touch my crow’s feet. I love those. And when my mother died, she left me some money and, since she is the one whose DNA gave me my sagging eyes, I took that money and got an upper and lower eye lift. It took ten years off overnight.”

Who introduced him to Serucell and what it’s done for his skin

“Lisa gave it to me, and her skin looks great. Since I’ve been using it, I do think I see fewer fine lines and I like that its scent is fresh and clean—good for a guy.”

How he cares for his hair

“Once a year, I go to Tommy Buckett, who gives me the perfect cut. Then I hack at it myself for a year. I like my hair a little long, a little shaggy, a little rock star. And I wash it every three days or so…or not, if I want it to look extra scruffy.”

His aging advice

“Someone once told me to never put your hand near your face because your face may look great, but your hands don’t lie!”

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