Lisa Carvalho, 60+

Lisa Carvalho for Serucell Societe

The reason her doctors are all women

“In the past few years, I have started going to only female doctors. I have a kinship with them and feel they better understand the aging process for a woman. That’s not a gender knock; as a woman, I don’t understand all my husband’s aging issues.”

How she stays energized

“As I’ve aged, I’ve found hormonal fluctuations can make me feel tired. But I believe I have a choice—I can give in to the fatigue or I can fight it. I opt for the latter and aim to stay optimistic and find things that excite me. I regularly try to have lunch or drinks with younger people in the business. I take on passion projects that interest me. I have an amazing hairstylist, Tommy Buckett, and we regularly experiment with new cuts and styles. Or I love the experience of shopping for a new lipstick. None of these things turn back the clock, but they do make me feel better emotionally and that makes me feel more energized.” 

Who is aging well

“My role model is Helen Mirren. I find her regal, beautiful, outspoken—and you can tell she is not trying to be 35. She accepts her maturity, even revels in it.”

Why she invests in her skin

“I started my career at Calvin Klein, where I was part of the launch team for the cosmetics division. While I was there, I was introduced to the idea of investment dressing—but I put my own twist on it. The way I see it: You get a hole in a blouse, you just get rid of it. But your skin is forever. So, I’d rather buy clothes at Zara, then invest my money in the skin I will be wearing for the long haul.”

Her skincare regimen

“I cleanse twice a day, tone, and moisturize with Serucell. In the morning, I also apply sunscreen after my Serucell. And, every seven to ten days, I exfoliate.”

What Serucell has done for her skin

“I’ve been in the beauty business a long time. So, when I was first introduced to Serucell, I was skeptical. I’ve seen it all. But within two weeks of using the serum, my skin was noticeably brighter. Within six weeks, it seemed firmer and tighter. And by two months, there was a significant improvement in texture. I’ve now been using it for almost ten months, and all of these things just keep getting better. I’m terrified to stop using it!”

On going grey

“I decided to let my natural silver grow in ten years ago, and it has been the best—it emancipated me from the salon. My then-colorist Marie Robinson said ‘this is going to change your life’ and she was right. To keep the color vibrant, I just use a purple shampoo from Renee Furterer a few times a month.”

The beauty products she would hate to live without

“Serucell, Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, red lipstick—NYX Matte Lipstick in Alabama is the perfect shade—and Chanel Vitalumière Aqua or Ultra Le Teint Velvet Foundations.”

Her aging motto

“Embrace it. So many women I know have only become more inspiring with age.”


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