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Real beauty from the inside out

Your skin is one-of-a-kind. It’s unique to you and it never stops working to look it's very best. Every day billions of skin cells communicate with each other to produce the collagen, peptides, proteins and growth factors needed to maintain healthy, radiant skin. But stress, pollution, age, sun damage and other environmental factors break down the communication. Cells forget how to signal each other and begin to slow down or in many cases stop producing the cellular bioactive compounds needed to regenerate. You’re left with skin that can look dull, damaged and dehydrated.

It’s between the two layers of your skin that matters. The outer layer, or Epidermis, is primarily made of Keratinocyte cells and the lower layer, or Dermis, is made of Fibroblasts. While each layer has independent functions, their cells must communicate and signal each other to produce the bioactive proteins and compounds necessary for optimal skin.

Until now, advanced skincare has focused on capturing the compounds derived from single cell lines. But this is only half the picture.

Serucell’s team of biomedical researchers employ patent pending methods to combine and synthesize the two major cell lines found in our skin, capturing hundreds of vital bioactive compounds essential for optimal skin.

Serucell’s proprietary Dual Cell Line Activation process harnesses the signaling power of both skin cell lines to produce our patent-pending active ingredient Keratinocyte Fibroblast Serum (“KFS”). KFS contains the natural compounds produced by youthful cells that support cellular activation and restoration. Whether you are concerned with dull or uneven skin tone, dehydration, blemishes, fine lines, or sun damage, the results are personal and powerful