Kathy Zukerman, 52

Serucell User Since July 2019

“I’d rather forgo buying expensive shoes than scrimp on my skincare.”

Kathy grew up in Larchmont, New York and has spent her career working in the banking industry in Manhattan.

She’s married with two children and two stepchildren, and her family splits time between their homes in Manhattan and and the Hamptons.  When we spoke to Kathy for this profile, it was mid-April in the era of COVID-19, and she and her family were sheltering in their Hamptons house.

How she’s managing stress while quarantined

“Exercise. If I could work out every day I would. Before we had to stay at home, I lived for going to a Barre class or Barry’s Bootcamp. And in the summer, I played a lot of tennis. Now that we’re staying at the house in the Hamptons, I’m on our Peloton bike three to four times a week, and I do Peloton’s strength classes three to four times a week as well. I’ve also gone bike riding, running and power walking. And my daughter and I have streamed some cardio dance classes together.”

Three words she’d use to describe herself

“Happy, positive and energetic. I am naturally very high energy. I don’t drink coffee at all; I just wake up and am ready to go. That said, I am also one of those people who can turn it off and sleep anywhere. On planes, I’m out before takeoff. I can nap anywhere, anytime.”

Someone she thinks is aging well

“My mother. She will be 80 this year, and she has no wrinkles. None. Her ancestry is African-American, American Indian and some Irish. She has this beautiful brown skin. She has never done Botox, and she didn’t get her first grey hairs until her seventies. She has good genes for sure, but she has also always been dedicated to her skincare regimen. She started taking me for facials when I was in my teens and really taught me the importance of taking care of my skin. I must have also gotten the no-grey-hair gene from her. Everyone is complaining about their grey roots while we’re quarantined, but I don’t have any.”

Her secret skincare weapon

“My facialist Angela at Total Skin in Manhattan. She is phenomenal. She used to work at Bliss when it first opened years ago. I try to see her every four to six weeks for a facial, though it’s been longer since we’ve had to shelter at home.”

How she dealt with adult acne

“I am currently taking Spironolactone to help with cystic breakouts. My doctor thought it was probably hormonal, and the medication has helped. Angela also suggested I limit my dairy intake; she said that can also contribute to flareups.”

On the importance of good skincare

“My skincare routine is very important to me. I don’t get Botox or spend thousands of dollars on in-office treatments. But I do invest in good skincare. Morning and night, I use a gentle cleanser from Biologique Recherge, followed by their P50 toner. Then I will apply one of my two favorite serums, either Serucell or Augustinus Bader Rich Cream. At night, I follow the same regimen, but top it all with a face cream and an eye cream, both from Valmont. What I love about Serucell is that it’s super hydrating but not heavy. I really love how it feels. It also makes my face feel firmer. On the nights I use it, I swear my skin looks tighter and more lifted in the morning. Even Angela has started commenting on how great my skin looks since I started using Serucell.” 

On managing her hair

“My hair is fine and frizzy and kinky. Honestly, it’s a pain in the ass. I’m not one of those people who can get out of the shower, shake it and go. It doesn’t look pretty at all. So, when we’re in the city, I usually get professional blowouts three times week, then refresh after workouts with dry shampoo. I just feel happier and better about how my hair looks with this routine. And I invest in good haircare too; Oribe, Kerastase and Oleoplex are brands I’m using right now.”

How her beauty regimen has changed in the last five years

“I’ve definitely upped the ante on skincare. I’m not against using a product that’s over $200. Five to seven years ago, I might have been shocked at a price that high. But at 52, almost 53, I think it’s worth it to maintain my skin. I’d rather forgo buying expensive shoes than scrimp on my skincare.”

Her aging motto

“I’m going to age naturally—but with grace. I’ll continue my diligent skincare and keep exercising as often as I can. But my goal is to keep it natural. No plastic surgery.”

“My skincare routine is very important to me. I don’t get Botox or spend thousands of dollars on in-office treatments. But I do invest in good skincare.”