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KFS, the first & only patented dual cell technology to rejuvenate skin from within.

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The Language of Our Skin

The human body bears a striking resemblance to an advanced computer system. Hardware and software alike, the body processes information to perform tasks and maintain stability.

The “hardware” component represents everything tangible — organs, tissue, etc. While our “software” represents the body's programming or intercellular communication. In science, this is called Cell Communication Technology (CCT) where vital information is transmitted to preserve the strength and health of the body. In essence, Cell Communication Technology is the body's computer language, dictating how it operates.

The Impact of Time

In the natural process of aging, cellular damage and toxins accumulate in our systems, causing inflammation and breaking down. Over time, this impacts our bodies, and we begin to see wrinkles or sagging skin. In science, this is called “altered cellular communication” — the term for how cells distort the “messages” they convey to each other.

In skin cells, this communication deteriorates beginning in our early twenties with an average decline of 1% each year with collagen and elastin loss.

Sparking Cell Communication

To combat cellular decline, Serucell pioneered groundbreaking technology in the world's first and only dual-cellular skincare serum. Our dual-cellular approach taps into the intricate anatomy and physiology of our skin. Our skin does not have one single cell type, but two distinct layers: the epidermis and the dermis. The epidermis is made up of keratinocytes, while the epidermis is made up of fibroblasts.

These two layers reveal the skin’s natural collaboration efforts — working in harmony to repair, heal, and maintain health. Serucell explored this collaboration when developing our dual-cellular serum formula, we call KFS® — Keratinocytes Fibroblasts Serum. While all other serums use single-cell technology, they only offer a partial solution. Serucell serums, meanwhile, works to replicate these two main components of our skin’s layers to amplify its healing potential.

The Serucell Solution

Serucell's unique technology uses a unique blend of peptides and proteins that rekindles lost pathways of healthy cellular communication, resulting in rejuvenated communication between cells, encouraging a level of function from when they were younger. From this, we see a reduction in wrinkles, improved elasticity, and enhancements in tone and texture. In short, KFS® delivers a more youthful and vibrant complexion.

Our goal is to elevate healthy, radiant skin through innovation and science-based skincare. We use only the highest quality, clinically tested ingredients to help improve skin health and appearance.

Our philosophy is to harness the natural power of skin cell signaling technology to rejuvenate and repair, thereby stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, promoting cell turnover, and improving the overall texture and radiance of the skin.

Fig 1. Healthy Cell Communication

Here, the upper and lower layers are working in harmony, producing valuable proteins and compounds.

Fig 2. Broken Cell Communication

When cells become depleted – due to age, stress, or other factors – they fail to communicate with each other and no longer produce the compounds needed to regenerate.

Fig 3. KFS® Hydrates to Activate

KFS® contains hundreds of key skin nutrients that are small enough to reach the lower layers of the skin, hydrating, nourishing, and improving communication.

The Essence of Beauty

Nature doesn’t keep secrets forever. New technologies arrive. Old mysteries are solved. Finally, the remarkable science beneath beautiful skin is revealed.

At Serucell, we’re proud of the patented breakthroughs we’ve made, but the real hero of the story is not us – it’s the human body and its ability to give back what the years have taken away.