• The World’s Only Dual Cell Serum*

    KFS serum lets your skin bring back what the years have taken away.

    Patented dual cell science nourishes both the outer and lower layers of skin.

    So the body’s own process of restoring and rebuilding begins again.

    At any age.

    *Manufactured according to methods protected by U.S. Patent Numbers 9907745 and 9974813.

  • "I have that 'J-Lo' Glo"

    "Serucell is truly a special discovery. I am very particular with the skin products that I use, so I was so pleased that when I started using Serucell, and I started seeing results within two weeks. The lines around my eyes are almost gone, my smile lines around my mouth are barely visible, and my skin appearance is smoother. I truly can say that I have that "J-Lo" glow.  I have gotten lots of compliments on my skin, and friends asking "what are you using on you face, it looks amazing!" I have recommended it to several of my friends and everyone has said, how amazing it is! Thank you Serucell for making such a great product!  I am absolutely loving this product and will continue using it and telling people about it."

    Mary S. (Woodside, CA)

  • "I'm obsessed"

    "I am obsessed with it.  Aside from generally (noticeably) making my skin glow,  The age feathering around my mouth is reduced as to be barely visible, and a reduction in crows feet and sagging.  I was considering thermage (which is REALLY pricey) and I'm holding off, though I'm excited for my derm to see my skin.  It's just overall tighter and brighter. This stuff WORKS, and I'm telling EVERYONE. I've used so many things, esp. in my industry, and rarely find anything that's 'special'. This is special." 

    Amy P. (Hollywood, CA)

  • "Truly incredible"

    "Serucell is truly incredible! I've been a loyal, long-term (25 years!) user of a premium skincare brand from a prominent department store, but have never achieved the results I have experienced with Serucell in just two weeks! My skin has a better texture and tone than ever before. It's smoother and definitely appears more youthful. For the first time in my life, someone actually complimented me on my complexion and wanted to know what my secret was. My skin has never looked better!”

    Jessie C. (Menlo Park, CA)

  • "I've never seen results like this"

    “I have been using Serucell for roughly three weeks and absolutely love the product.  I'm in my fifties and have used many skin care products in the past but have never seen results like this. My skin has never looked better.  I can see the difference in the texture and firmness. You won’t be disappointed by the results after using this product.”

    Nathalie D. (Atherton, CA)

  • "My eye wrinkles have diminished"

    "Serucell makes my skin look and feel great! My eye wrinkles have diminished and my skin is smooth throughout the day.”  

    Kerrie C. (Minneapolis, MN)

  • "I'm hooked!"

    I'm a pretty discerning consumer when it comes to introducing a new product into my skincare regimen. When a trusted friend shared her amazing reviews of a new product, I was curious yet cautiously optimistic. I've used the product for six weeks to date and I'm hooked. The biggest change I've noticed is the visual appearance of healthy, younger looking skin with improved texture and smoothness. My skin feels so soft!  I have slightly sensitive skin, yet I've had no problems whatsoever and I use the product twice a day. I love the packaging of the product as well. I like the sleek, functional design of the bottle with it's easy to use pump dispenser. I've stocked up and plan to keep using. Please don't ever stop producing this fantastic product. Thank you!

    Jane H. (Pierre, SD)

  • "I actually see results!"

    Love, love, love Serucell. It completely hydrates my face without feeling greasy. A little goes a long way and my skin feels smooth and replenished. I’ve tried many products but this one I actually see results and I love it.

    Mike P. (West Hollywood, CA)

  • "Smoother, firmer, brighter"

    I’ve been using Serucell for 6 weeks and it is already making a difference in my skin. My skin looks smoother, firmer and brighter.  My discoloration has greatly diminished and there is a new glow to my complexion.

    Loreen M. (Redwood City, CA)

  • "I swear by it"

    Serucell is hands down the best product I've ever used on my face. After only a few weeks I have seen a noticeable difference in the size of my pores along with the appearance of my smile lines and under eye lines. I swear by it. No other product comes close to what Serucell does, it's truly amazing. I'm addicted.

    Chelsea A. (Brooklyn, NY)

  • "The best thing I have ever used"

    “It is the best thing I have ever used. It removed not only the wrinkle lines from my forehead but also the four bumps on it that had been there for over a year and would not go away. It makes my skin softer and allows my makeup to go on and stay on smoother and longer. I even used on my chest that has suffered some sun damage. It is the only thing that smooths it.”

    Joni  (Huntington, WV)

  • "My face feels like it did 10 or 15 years ago"

    Those of us over 40 are always searching for the fountain of youth. And although that doesn't exist, this product is the closest thing I found.  It has a super luxurious feel and soaks into the skin quickly. My skin is very sensitive and tends to break out easily, and I can use this serum daily and maintain clear skin.  The true measure of success came at about halfway through the bottle, when I can truly tell a difference in my skin texture, firmness and feel. My face truly feels like it did 10 or 15 years ago. My skin tone is visibly more even and those little lines a lot less obvious.  My only issue was the wait to get another bottle!!

    Andrea J. (Lexington, KY)

  • Serucell: The Science Beneath

    Nature doesn’t keep secrets forever. New technologies arrive. Old mysteries are solved. And finally, the remarkable science beneath beautiful skin is revealed. We’re proud of the patented breakthroughs we’ve made at Serucell. But the real hero of this success story isn’t us. It’s the human body and its ability to give back what the years have taken away.

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It's what's under your skin that matters

With the discovery of KFS® serum, Serucell has shifted the focus in advanced skincare—from what you see and treat on the surface of your skin to what’s actually going on beneath.

Between the outer and lower layers of your skin, cells must constantly communicate to maintain healthy, radiant skin. When that process breaks down due to stress, pollution, age and sun, most skincare products are out of their depth. It requires advanced science to reactivate cells and restore communication between skin layers.

  • Communication is the key

    In many ways, communication is the active ingredient inside KFS® serum. Once your skin cells remember how to send the right signals to each other, the natural process of interaction and rebuilding begins. Micro-chemistry takes over. The bond between skin layers grows stronger. And much like long-lost friends who have reconnected and start communicating again…the results are visible to all.

    KFS serum uses two cell lines to produce the vital compounds found in youthful skin. It’s the combination of Keratinocyte and Fibroblast cells that give KFS its name. But it’s the science beneath the skin that sets our serum apart.

    The secret to naturally restoring skin is finally revealed.

  • The science behind the magic

    Here's why cell communication matters

Revitalize Your Cells, See Visible Results

Whether you're concerned with dull or uneven skin tone, dehydration, blemishes, fine lines, or sun damage, the results are powerful.


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