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Smooth, radiant & resilient.

SERUCELL® is all about deep-rooted rejuvenation. When skin is nourished and protected, it creates the proper foundation for optimizing collagen and elastin levels.

From the first application, our exclusive KFS® serum gets to work, unlocking your skin's natural ability to restore and replenish itself boosting hydration layer-by-layer giving you the tone, texture and radiance you always wanted. 

Apply two pumps of serucell serum to your face morning and night to clean skin for 6 weeks to see results

How it works

Communication is key.

As skin ages, collagen and elastin — the natural proteins that provide firmness — begin to break down between the upper and lower layers. Without that vital connection, the strength between those layers diminishes, and wrinkles and sagging appear. 

SERUCELL® replenishes those proteins to unlock your skin’s natural chemistry, sparking intercellular communication. From there, the bond between your skin layers grows stronger and healthier more radiant skin. 


rejuvenating skin from within.

SERUCELL KFS® Cellular Protein Complex is the first and only serum of its kind to provide a powerful protein fusion that inspires deep rejuvenation.

Our blend of naturally derived proteins is small enough to be absorbed into the lower layer of the skin to provide optimal hydration, encourage collagen and elastin restoration, and rejuvenating the Rete Ridge — an essential contributor to your skin’s youthfulness.

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How it's different

serucell is the first and only facial serum powered by KFS®

Keratinocytes & Fibroblasts are the two super-cells that empower structure and resilience, infusing your skin with over 1,500 naturally derived proteins, including super-proteins, signaling factors, peptides, collagen boosters, anti-oxidants, hyaluronic hydrators, and multi-vitamins.

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Hand Crafted in the USA.

Every batch of Serucell KFS® serum is crafted by hand, requiring 147 steps and more than two months to create. Produced in the Serucell lab to ensure the highest quality product, for optimal results.

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