Masami Haircare

Botanical-based, eco-conscious haircare

MASAMI Haircare is enriched with the nourishing power of Japanese Mekabu, a marine botanical packed with hair-nurturing nutrients. MASAMI, like Serucell, is committed to using active, naturally-derived ingredients that truly deliver. MASAMI founders Lynn Power and James Hammett, both beauty industry veterans, have vowed to use clean botanical formulations to restore health to the hair, as well as help restore and rebalance the ocean’s ecosystem.

Our Picks

Mekabu Shampoo ($38) and Conditioner ($38), a color-safe duo that works together to restore softness, shine and manageability to your strands, while also nourishing the scalp.  

Available at lovemasami.com  & @atterton.store - DM Kelly for personalized consultation


From MASAMI CEO & Founder Lynn Power

ATELIER INSIDER ADVICE How to create an easy, chic updo

Rather than using a rubber band to hold back my hair, I twist in a Kanzashi hair stick. Unlike a rubber band, it doesn’t tear at the hair and won’t cause breakage. 

Kanzashi hair sticks can be fabricated from a wide range of materials, such as lacquered wood, metal, ceramic and even plastic. I just apply a little of the Mekabu styling cream, wrap my hair up into a bun, and slide the stick in to hold the knot in place. The result: a super-chic style sans damage.

Mekabu seaweed is filled with vitamins and minerals that nourish your hair from the inside out. All of MASAMI's products are infused with Mekabu powder, sourced from a Japanese family-owned seaweed company.