Debra Navarro

Modern, responsibly-sourced fine jewelry

Jewelry designer Debra Navarro is best known for her unique styling of natural-colored diamonds with 18k recycled gold. Her goal: to make beautiful fine jewelry that has a positive social and environmental impact. Each piece is inspired by her deep Texas roots and her desire to empower the wearer. She currently has two collections: the Barefoot Collection, which features natural-colored diamonds, and the Watu Collection, which uses colored gemstones straight from the earth.

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Debra Earrings, from the Barefoot Collection, hold significant meaning, as the name Debra translates to “bee” in Hebrew.  The honeycomb structure inspired these earrings, as an artistic interpretation of a bee's efficiency, communication, and strength. Crafted from 18K recycled yellow gold, natural-colored diamonds, and sand pave. 

Our collection is available at debranavarro.com & theconservatorynyc.com (Dallas & Napa Stores)

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From Designer Debra Navarro

ATELIER INSIDER ADVICE The right way to clean fine jewelry

“Chase your dreams with polish and grit, but when it comes to your jewelry you want more polish...less grit.  Diamonds naturally attract oils to their surface, dulling their shine, but cleaning your jewelry in a pinch just takes a few easy steps.  All you need is warm water, mild soap, and a soft bristled brush. Gently but thoroughly brush your piece, rinse, and dry off with a soft cloth.  You won't believe the difference it makes!”

The diamonds used to create The Barefoot Collection are all hand-selected by Debra. As such, each piece is truly one of a kind.