Le Feu De L'Eau

Artisinal, hand-crafted candles

Inspired by the French way of life, Le Feu De L’Eau is a collection of hand-made candles created using a top-secret process invented by co-founder Wendy Polish’s father, himself a candle maker in the 1960s. Each candle is produced by pulling hot soy wax through water, then hand-mixing in the vibrant color and fragrance. Serucell was first introduced to the covetable collection by Jo Stretell, celebrity makeup artist and co-founder of Le Feu De L’Eau. Like Serucell, Le Feu De L’Eau prides itself on the meticulous creation of an innovative, hand-made product. The original Le Feu De L’Eau Artisanal Collection includes twelve luxury 16 oz. candles that boast an estimated burn time of 80 hours.

Our picks

Le Feu Ivoire ($65) a warm medley of cedar, patchouli, vanilla and amber.

Le Feu Vert ($65) a crisp, green combo of sweet fig laced with bergamot.

Le Feu Citron ($65) a clean, energizing cocktail of grapefruit, lemon, bergamot and eucaluptus

Le Feu Bleu Nuit ($65) a sensual blend of black and red currants mixed with vanilla and Cassis

Available at Lefeudeleau.com


From Le Feu De L’Eau co-founders Jo Strettell & Wendy Polish

ATELIER INSIDER ADVICE How to maximize your candle’s burn time

“Before each use, trim the wick (aim for a quarter of an inch) and use a small piece of paper towel to pinch off any black soot. This gives you a nice bright flame and helps avoid high flames or smoking. I also like to avoid putting a candle near a vent or fan—or right by door that may be opening and closing with some frequency. Bursts of air can cause a candle to extinguish or to burn unevenly.”

Once the candle wick has burned to the bottom, repurpose your Le Feu De L’Eau’s vessel as a chic planter!