Paige Novick

Therapeutic fragrance oils

Paige Novick, an award-winning jewelry designer, has recently channeled her considerable creative energy into developing a collection of healing fragrance oils called Gem Story Balancing Oils. We think the fragrant blends align nicely with Serucell’s commitment to healing the skin from the inside out. Each essential oil blend combines oil with real therapeutic crystals to target a specific purpose (e.g. to calm or to harness energy). All the infusions are also free of chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens, GMOs, artificial scents, colors and dyes. To use, just dab on your pulse points.

Our picks

Passion ($65) An intoxicating cocktail of Garnet and Rose Quartz Crystal, scented with therapeutic-grade frankincense essential oil and rose extract.

Strength ($65) A bold blend of Black Tourmaline and Quartz Crystal, scented with therapeutic-grade vanilla and black pepper essential oils.

Calm ($65) A soothing infusion of Peridot, Ethiopian Opal, and Quartz Crystal, scented with therapeutic-grade grapefruit and ylang ylang essential oils.

Available at Paigenovick.com


From Paige Novick

ATELIER INSIDER ADVICE How to make the most of your healing oil

"When I use my oil blends, I follow these three steps to maximize the experience.

Create A Ritual First I apply the oil to my pulse points while I am seated in a comfortable position with my eyes closed.

Cultivate An Intention Then, I may begin with a mantra that I silently repeat to myself.  One of my favorites: "I am clear, grounded and in harmony with the universe.” I may also tailor the mantra to the specific oil I’m using. For instance, with the Calm blend, I might repeat “I will radiate inner joy, calm and go through my day with effortless ease.'

Seal Your Practice After two to three minutes, I end the ritual by expressing gratitude for the gifts in my life."