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Hamptons Sun combines luxurious formulations with innovative science. Like Serucell, Hampton Sun Founder/CEO Salvatore Piazzolla and his partner Grant Wilfley take the integrity of the ingredients very seriously, working closely with world-renowned chemists to create products that boast both effective protection and high-quality skincare benefits. Layering one of Hampton Sun’s UV protectant products over Serucell KFS Serum ensures your skin is nourished and protected all day.

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SPF 30 Mineral Mist ($34) This zinc-based, spray-on sunscreen goes on super-sheer, leaving the skin hydrated and protected sans residue or stickiness. Its continuous mist technology also makes it ideal for quick, easy reapplication.

SPF 45 Mineral Sunscreen Crème ($48) Silky protection for the body, this water-resistant, zinc-based formula is enriched with vitamin C and Argan Oil to tone and soften the skin, while blocking UV rays. The zinc in this formula also melts into the skin instantly, leaving no residue.

Age-Defying SPF 50 Mineral Crème ($52) A chemical-free, fragrance-free UV blocker for the face, this formula is laced with antioxidants to fight free radicals, chamomile to soothe, and Argan Oil to lightly hydrate. Non-comedogenic, water resistant, and effective immediately upon application, this blend is appropriate for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

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From Hampton Sun Founder/CEO Salvatore Piazzolla

ATELIER INSIDER ADVICE Why sunscreen is a year-round skincare product

“Sunscreen must be worn every single day. Many of us only think to use an SPF product in the summer—or on a sunny day. But the secret to maintaining glowing, healthy skin as we age is to apply sunscreen every morning, even the cloudy ones. While it’s true that in the winter you may be less likely to get burned by short UVB rays, longer UVA rays pierce clouds and penetrate the skin all year-round, upping your risk of accelerated aging and skin cancer.”