Jenny Patinkin

Eco-friendly makeup and skincare tools

Founded by Chicago-based makeup artist Jenny Patinkin, this eponymous collection of beauty implements boast a variety of eco-conscious attributes, including being sustainably-sourced, vegan, organic, non-toxic and/or recyclable. The tools are also designed to be user-friendly and impart natural-looking results without pulling or tugging on delicate skin. (As a woman 50+ herself, Jenny believes in the importance of treating aging skin with supreme care.) Finally, the tools boast rose gold plating and semi-precious gemstones—and everything is handmade by jewelers and skilled artisans. Like Serucell, Jenny Patinkin’s products are created using the best materials possible with the goal of passing that superior quality on to customers.

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Rose on Rose Derma Roller ($75)

Derma rolling is a quick way to enhance the performance of your favorite skincare products, boost circulation and soothe tension. The rose quartz used in Jenny’s roller is also said to emit energetic vibrations of love and beauty. To use: Roll the tiny needles over clean skin to create points of entry for your skincare products. You may also rock the rose quartz bulb over pressure points on the face to reduce tension and inflammation.

Available at jennypatinkin.com

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From makeup artist Jenny Patinkin

ATELIER INSIDER ADVICE How I use our Rose on Rose Derma Roller

“I've always been a big fan of a simple, conservative approach to beauty, and my tools are all made with that perspective in mind. My Derma Roller was purposefully designed for gentle at-home use to help improve product absorption. It gives the skincare products you already love tens of thousands of new points of access to the deeper cellular level of the skin where they can work even more efficiently and effectively.”