Veronique Gabai

Eco-conscious, vegan fragrances inspired by the French Riviera

Inspired by the scents of the Mediterranean and French Riviera, where founder Veronique Gabai spent her childhood summers, this collection of luxury fragrances are all vegan, ethically-produced and created using premium essential oils. Like Serucell, Veronique and her team prioritize ingredient integrity and quality over quantity.

Our Picks

Vert Desir Eau de Parfum ($260) This fresh, green, outdoorsy scent boasts a medley of mint, herbs—and spicy asbinth.

Sur la Plage Eau de Parfum ($260) This beachy, surprisingly sensual floral blends the scent of salt water (and salty skin) with a medley of orange blossom, magnolia and jasmine.

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From founder Veronique Gabai

ATELIER INSIDER ADVICE How to choose the fragrance you'll love

“Start by asking yourself ‘What part of nature makes me happiest?’ The feeling you have at the beach? A bouquet of fresh flowers? A walk in the woods? Determining this can help inform your fragrance choice—you want a scent that conjures that positive feeling. Or, consider your personality. Do you seek comfort and security? Warm, amber scents may satisfy you. Are you bubbly and outgoing? A fruity floral may suit you. Are you as sensual person? Consider darker, musky scents. Once you narrow down the type of scent you’re seeking, get a sample and try it on. Determining if a scent is right for you is a combination of the emotion it evokes—and pure chemistry! Some scents just work better with your skin’s composition than others.”