Yuki Suzuki, 37

Yuki Suzuki for Serucell Societe

Who she thinks is aging well

“My two grandmothers. They are both around 90-years-old. They are so sharp, witty, and they are still taking care of their gardens. I asked them about aging—how to stay young, like them. They tell me the answer is to keep moving, keep being busy." 

Her simple approach to skincare

“I used to have really bad acne when I was a teenager. I tried so many different types of acne treatments, moisturizers and toners. What I found worked best was to keep things very simple. So, now I do not overuse products and I always remove my makeup before bed.”

How she started using Serucell

“My friend introduced me to Serucell about a year ago. What appealed to me is that it’s created based on real scientific research. After my friend told me about the serum, I researched it all over the internet. I was fascinated with what I learned and the mechanisms of how it works. I was immediately sold.”

What Serucell has done for her skin

“Shortly after I started using Serucell, I noticed that my skin was brighter and more radiant. About two months later, people at work started to ask me if I was using a new foundation because my skin looked so even and healthy. I told them I wasn’t wearing any foundation—that it must be this new skincare serum I was using!”

How her beauty regimen has changed as she’s gotten older

“I’ve started using sunscreen every day, in all seasons. And I apply my skincare products immediately after I shower to seal in moisture.” 

Her aging strategy

“Embrace the aging process. Keep it simple and love myself as I am.”


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