Anouk Pappers, 47

Anouk Pappers, 47

What excites her

“Travel is my passion. I enjoy traveling the world, discovering new cultures. Because of the current travel restrictions, I have had to settle for books where I can read about other cultures. I’m already plotting where I want to go next: Ecuador, the Galapagos, and take a small sailing boat to discover the Caribbean.”

Three words she’d use to describe herself

“Curious. Positive. Ambitious.”

What she likes about aging

I think the main thing is a growing feeling of self-confidence. When you’re a young kid, and your grandmother says ‘you will understand when you are my age,’ that’s annoying. But now I know that she was right. I do know better now.”

The part of aging she’s not so crazy about

“Wrinkles—hah. I also find my body recovers more slowly. Last December, I was in Patagonia and did a challenging hike. There was a time when I’d be back at it the next day, but not anymore. I spent the next day recovering in a sauna.”

Who she thinks is aging well

“My partner is aging very well. He is 61, fourteen years older than I am. But he looks years younger than he is. He’s like Peter Pan, with a young spirit. Plus, he never smoked, never drank, doesn’t eat a lot of meat, and he has an iron discipline with sports.” 

How she stays fit

“Growing up, I played softball, tennis, and I swam. In New York, I walk a lot and go to the gym, though currently the gyms are all closed. Right now, almost every day, I’ve been going for long walks with my partner. We will walk along the Hudson River and through Hudson River Park. I get out of the elevator early and walk the last ten flights up to our apartment.” 

Her approach to skincare

“I really don’t see a dermatologist unless I have a specific issue. Three years ago, I had a dark spot on my cheek and I went to a doctor to have it lasered. But that’s it. At home, I keep it simple too. I just use Serucell Serum twice a day.”

What Serucell has done for her skin

“After using it for about two months, I felt that my skin got noticeably smoother and softer.”

How her beauty regimen has changed in the last five years

“I try to be in the sun less— I avoid it between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. And I wear a higher SPF, usually 50.” 

How she has adapted to having to work from home

“I walk, I meditate and I try to be more mindful. I can sit behind my laptop all day and not get up once, so I’m forcing myself to be more conscious. Every 30 minutes or so, I get up and do a small exercise. And I drink a lot of water, up to 2.5 liters daily, which I think is important.” 

The beauty products she’d hate to live without

“I have very curly hair and am particular about what I use to style it. I use a foam you can only buy in the Netherlands. I’ve been using it forever and stock up when I’m in Europe. But now that I can’t travel, I may have to ask my mother to send me some! I also use Keune Shaping Fibers which helps tame my curls. Luckily I can get that on Amazon.”

Her aging-well strategy

“Keep on traveling. Live mindfully. Drink lots of water. Exercise. And eat more plant-based food.”

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