Jim Caruso, 63

Jim Caruso, 63

Three words he’d use to describe himself

“Never. Give. Up.”

One upside of aging

“I’ve gotten to the point where I can speak my truth a bit easier. I grew up harboring my feelings, but have recently realized…what have I got to lose?”

…and one downside

“Sometimes I’m shocked by the face staring back at me in the mirror.”

Who he thinks is aging (really) well

“Everybody say it with me…George Clooney.  Clearly, he has a pact with the devil.  And Rob Lowe. Of course, these two humans started with some exemplary features. I can’t imagine that they ‘stay out of the sun,’ ‘get lots of rest’ or any of those warnings we’ve all heard. They look great, but they look like they’ve lived fantastic, active and happy lives. And isn’t that the goal?”

His skincare strategy

“I should have stated above that visiting the dermatologist is my hobby! Thanks to some pretty violent tanning salon escapades in the 80’s, my skin hasn’t aged particularly well. I’ve undergone much mole removal and scraping and zapping over the years, and a full lasering a few years ago. I’ve tried Botox. I don’t love it, but something tells me I’ll try it again. I do enjoy an occasional fill for the deep groove between my eyebrows! Boy, that stuff works! I’m all for what anyone wants to do to feel their best!”

How he discovered Serucell and what it’s done for his skin

“Bill Westmoreland, my friend and brilliant photographer, suggested I try it. I started using it about six months ago, and the overall texture of my skin seems smoother, plumper and a bit more elastic. I’ve never had a medicine cabinet filled with fancy potions and salves, beyond what dermatologists have suggested.  But the efficacy of Serucell falls somewhere between cosmetic and prescription, which I like.”

His haircare regimen

“At my age, I’m just happy to have hair! And it’s not stored in a box at night! I get a haircut every three weeks because it grows furiously and quickly becomes otherworldly. Michael Haar (owner of Haar & Co. Barbershop) is my barber and hair guru. He’s the coolest and he sports a handlebar mustache and a tattoo of Gene Kelly hanging on the lamp post in “Singing In The Rain.” Is that on-brand for me, or what?”

What grooming products he’d hate to live without

“Someone recently gifted me with Nuxe Rêve de Miel lip balm, and I’m a bit obsessed. It’s not greasy or sticky and has a slight peach taste. I want to put it on ice cream but am told that would be a bad idea. And I’m not sure if it’s considered a beauty product, but I always have Listerine breath strips in my pocket. And so should you.”

His aging-well priorities

“I continue to work out and try to eat decently. In the bigger picture, I keep up with medical checkups, teeth cleaning and constant chiropractics, which really works for me. Basically, I’m doing everything possible to stay healthy, because nothing looks better, or is more precious, than good health.”

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