Chloe Vichot, 37

Chloe Vichot forr Serucell Societe

The good advice her mother gave her

“My mother always told us about the importance of using good quality products on our skin. When I was growing up in Paris, we would go to the French Pharmacy and buy the highest-quality, dermatologist-recommended brands, never the cheap products. That has always stuck with me. Having sensitive skin and being prone to allergies has made choosing only good quality products very important to me.”

What she does to her hair (hint: almost nothing)

“My haircare is also very low maintenance. I just use a bar shampoo, then maybe put some oil on the ends for added moisture and to stop frizz. I never use styling products and always airdry.”

How her beauty regimen has changed now that she is closing in on 40

“I’ve tried to cut down on plastic packaging and stopped wearing makeup altogether. My skin feels and looks better now.”

The beauty products she'd hate to live without

“I could not live without moisturizer. My skin starts to crack and become itchy. If I am traveling, it is one product I always have with me.”

Her anti-aging strategy

“Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. A good friend who is in her fifties and has great skin once told to think of hydrated skin like a grape—plump and smooth—while very dry skin will start to look like a shriveled raisin. That made sense to me, and I think of that analogy as I am putting on my Serucell and oils.”

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