The Science

Regeneration Revolutionized

Our name comes from the revolutionary process that's at the core of every bottle of KFS Serum. Our patent-pending Dual Cell Line manufacturing process captures the hundreds of nutrients essential for optimal skin.


Skin Cell Communication Explained

Fig 1. Healthy Cell Communication

Every day billions of skin cells communicate with each other to produce the collagen, peptides, proteins, and growth factors needed to maintain healthy radiant skin.

Fig 2. Broken Communication

Stress, pollution, age, sun damage and other environmental factors break down the communication. Cells slow down and stop producing the cellular bioactive compounds needed to regenerate. You're left with skin that can look dull, damaged and dehydrated.

Fig 3. KFS Hydrates to Activate

Optimal hydration allows for optimal communication. KFS's hundreds of key skin nutrients hydrate and nourish, allowing your skin to do what it's meant to do.

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