Science as deep as your beauty™

As the world’s only patented dual cell serum*, KFS® is the deep science of UnderSkincare, using nature’s building blocks to support optimal skin rejuvenation from within.

Natural proteins help restore and maintain the healthy, radiant skin that age, stress, and sun have taken away. Hundreds of skin nutrients hydrate and nourish your skin to reclaim a smoother, firmer texture and an overall brighter skin tone.

Science that goes deep, for beauty that lasts

With the discovery of our patented KFS® serum, we’ve shifted the focus in advanced skincare from what you see and treat on the surface to what’s actually going on underneath. We call it UnderSkincare, and the results are both powerful and personal.


It starts with communication

Your skin is unique to you, and it’s constantly working to look its best. Billions of cells communicate with each other to produce collagen, peptides, proteins and growth factors to maintain healthy skin. But dehydration, stress, age, and other factors can hinder that communication, and you’re left with skin that can look dull, damaged, and dehydrated.

Rebuilding the dialogue

It’s between the two layers of your skin that matters. The outer layer, or Epidermis, is primarily made of Keratinocyte cells and the lower layer, or Dermis, is made of Fibroblasts. While each layer has its own functions, their cells must work together to produce the proteins and compounds necessary for optimal skin.

The KFS® Serum

That's where KFS® comes in

KFS® stands for Keratinocytes and Fibrolasts Serum. It’s the first and only microserum of its kind, and it provides a powerful protein fusion that inspires deep rejuvenation, from foundation to surface.

The proteins are naturally derived and small enough to be absorbed into the lower layer of the skin, providing optimal hydration, supporting the rebuilding of collagen and elastin, and rejuvenating the Rete Ridge – an essential contributor to your skin’s youthfulness.

Hydrate to Activate

Hydrate to activate

The figures below show just how KFS® can nourish and hydrate cells deep within your skin, leading to better communication throughout the layers.

Fig 1. Healthy Cell Communication

Here, the upper and lower layers are working in harmony, producing valuable proteins and compounds.

Fig 2. Broken Cell Communication

When cells become depleted – due to age, stress, or other factors – they fail to communicate with each other and no longer produce the compounds needed to regenerate.

Fig 3. KFS® Hydrates to Activate

KFS® contains hundreds of key skin nutrients that are small enough to reach the lower layers of the skin, hydrating, nourishing, and improving communication.

The Essence of beauty

Nature doesn’t keep secrets forever. New technologies arrive. Old mysteries are solved. Finally, the remarkable science beneath beautiful skin is revealed. At Serucell, we’re proud of the patented breakthroughs we’ve made, but the real hero of the story is not us – it’s the human body and its ability to give back what the years have taken away.