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Serucell skincare was founded on science and innovation, to develop revolutionary technology that can make a difference in the health and rejuvenation of skin. During this very difficult time of the Covid-19 pandemic, our team is actively working to expand their roles to make a contribution. In addition to the efforts of our incredible team of doctors and scientists, our Serucell Societé members will also continue to contribute their personal stories of coping and sharing; reinforcing our values that “we are all one community and here for each other today and tomorrow “. #serucellcares

New Serucell Hand Lotion For Front Line Workers

Serucell Skincare has created a soothing hand lotion specifically to care for the hands of medical workers on the front lines. More than a thousand bottles have been sent to areas in need, including Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, Saint Joe's Hospital in southeast Michigan, as well as hospitals in Kentucky, West Virginia and New York.

We will also be hosting a weekly Giveaway, gifting two hard-working essential workers a full size hand lotion and one deluxe sample-size KFS Serum. To nominate someone you know to win, go to @Serucell's Instagram, enter their name and let us know why you think she or he is deserving. The winners will be announced on Thursdays.

Dr. Sarah Miles

Serucell, Director of Quality Management and Laboratory Operations. Assistant Research Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences.

Face Shields: “Watching the supply chain for basic medical supplies fall apart as COVID-19 swept across the county was shocking. I began looking at what unique resources I had access to that could help fill a critical void. I happened to read about people using 3D printers to print frames to assemble face shields. That was my ah-ha moment. Several years ago, my husband taught a 3D printing class. I knew there were 3D printers in several classrooms around the county - classrooms that were sitting empty as our schools were closed for the foreseeable future.

With no hesitation to approve his request, he was able to borrow a total of 8 printers that we set up at home. I was able to find a source for the plastic that actually offered to partner with us when I told them what we were using it for! The plan was in full motion! 

We have since networked with other people in the community who are now printing the frames and together, we will be able to provide hundreds of full protective face shields to area hospitals, healthcare workers, and emergency services!”  

Dr. Brett Jarrell, M.D. FACEP

Serucell Chief Quality Officer & Co-Founder Emergency Room Doctor in Pikeville, Kentucky

“My hospital colleagues and I are communicating with physicians around the U.S. in emergency medicine and critical care specialties learning about Covid 19 in real-time to create a plan for our local community. We hope to circumvent problems before they present in our emergency rooms. This disease process presents numerous challenges and we strive to be as prepared as possible. Staying focused, being in the moment.”

“Today my use of hand sanitizer has increased 20 x my traditional usage as an ER Doctor. In addition to my time at the hospital, at home I am cleaning more often, which is adding to the dryness of my hands. The alcohols and soaps are hard on all our hands.   Moisturizing your hands multiple times a day, will make a difference.”

Dr. Tom McClellan, M.D.

A plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a private practice, McClellan Plastic Surgery, in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Ventilator Splitter: Dual-Patient Ventilation with a Single Mechanical Ventilator for Use during Critical Ventilator Shortages (COVID-19) V- Splitter Team: Tom McClellan, MD, Justin Chambers, PhD, Ephraim Pittore MS, Ashok Aggarwal, Ian McCulloch, MD, Paul Gera, MD The COVID-19 event has created increased demand and shortage in ventilators. Of the various solutions being explored, the FDA has cleared the way for emergency use of ventilator splitting devices so that a single ventilator can support two patients at the same time.

Our team has designed a solution called VSplitr that addresses many of the drawbacks to splitting and has partnered with Mon Health to test the efficacy of the solution as well as with M&S Consulting to ramp up manufacturing and distribution capabilities to serve healthcare providers in need.  "We will look to collaborate with others to share our patient safety design improvements who have the capacity and expertise to manufacture at scale." Dr McClellan said.

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