The Science Behind Serucell

The Science Behind Serucell

It all starts with communication

Your skin is unique to you, and it’s constantly working to look its best. Billions of cells communicate with each other to produce collagen, peptides, proteins and growth factors to maintain healthy skin. But dehydration, stress, age, and other factors can hinder that communication, and you’re left with skin that can look dull, damaged, and dehydrated.

A Breakdown in our Skin Cell Communication

As we age, our cells become depleted – they fail to communicate with each other and no longer produce the compounds needed to regenerate.

Its tightly locked upper and lower layers lose their elastin and collagen, making skin appear thinner and more fragile.

This results in a breakdown between the two layers along the Rete Ridge causing the vital connection of those layers to flatten and slip. Which leads to wrinkles and sagging.

Rebuilding the dialogue

Serucell works by increasing the communication between cells in the outer layer (Epidermis) and the lower layer (Dermis) of the skin. While each layer has its own functions, their cells must work together to produce the proteins and compounds necessary for optimal skin health. 

KFS® = Healthy Cell Communication

Serucell’s KFS supports those layers to signal and rebuild. The bond between the layers grows stronger, helping your skin stay radiant and resilient. KFS® contains hundreds of key skin nutrients that signal the lower layers of the skin, hydrating, nourishing, and improving maximum communication.

The proteins are naturally derived and can signal the lower layer of the skin, providing optimal hydration, supporting the rebuilding of collagen and elastin, and rejuvenating the Rete Ridge – an essential contributor to your skin’s youthfulness.


Women Agree SERUCELL SERUM Delivers Results*

92% Saw an improvement in skin

88% felt skin was more hydrated

83% saw an improvement in brightness

83% felt skin was smoother

79% claim skin looked younger

58% felt skin was firmer

(*clinical study 2019)


Clinically Proven Statistical Improvement
Shown Across Key Skin Concerns


(Comprised of Fibroblasts)

- Firmness
- Lines
- Wrinkles
- Crepiness


(Comprised of Keratinocytes)

- Dryness
- Smoothness
- Tone
- Texture
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