Choosing You

Children's Book

When Tamara Bruno-McCarthy’s daughter Kylie was little, she used to ask her “How did I get so lucky to be your mom?” Kylie’s response: “I chose you!”

This exchange was the inspiration for the mother/daughter duo’s new book. “Choosing You is for every parent and child who believes they are meant to be together,” explains Tamara.

Choosing You

Choosing You is comprised of two stories—one from the parent’s perspective, then you flip the book over and read the child’s story. “We hope this book finds its way into the hands and hearts of every child and parent who believes they were meant to be together," says Tamara.

Giving Back

For each copy of Choosing You purchased, Tamara and Kylie have pledged a donation to the charity Pajama Program (pajamaprogram.org).

Available for $19.99 at choosingyoubooks.com

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How the book came to life...

To illustrate the story, Tamara and Kylie enlisted illustrator Jessica Benjamin, a friend and new mother herself.  “Jessica, Kylie and I would talk for hours about ideas and color palettes, fantasizing about leaping through clouds and playing with babies. Our love for our children and our desire to put positive messages into their minds has become our passion,” says Tamara.