Beboe Therapies

Plant-based CBD skincare

Named for co-founder Scott Campbell’s grandmother (Be Boe), Beboe Therapies was founded by Scott and his partner Clement Kwan based on their shared appreciation for the ability of cannabis to improve the quality of one’s life—as well as on their desire to create skincare formulas that truly honored the way cannabis compounds interact with the human body. Like Serucell, science is preeminent in all of Beboe’s formulations. “Beboe Therapies was born through a desire to create skincare products that harness the full potential of CBD and other plant phytonutrients in accordance with the latest research and scientific understanding of how those molecules function on a cellular level,” explains Scott

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Beboe Therapies High-Potency CBD Body Balm ($90)

This nourishing, allover balm contains healing oils plus 750 mg hemp-derived CBD to decrease inflammation and melt away fatigue and tension.

Available at beboetherapies.com


From co-founder Scott Campbell

ATELIER INSIDER ADVICE How I use our CBD Body Balm to alleviate age-related aches

“I’m getting older by the day, and the creaks and pops from my arthritic joints are proof of that. There is no shortage of literature connecting CBD to relief from inflammation, so we wanted to design a balm that took the magic of full spectrum CBD and could deliver it where it’s needed—even through the thicker skin of elbows, knees and backs. Beboe Therapies Body Balm is the result of years of hard work and development, and even though I can’t outrun time, it’s helped me at least out run my kids for a few more years. I just rub the balm gently into any affected areas and allow 30-45 minutes for complete absorption.”